BearWalk Service Ends at 10:30am on Friday, September 17th

Full Service Returns on Saturday, September 18th


Dusk – 3:00AM

Walking a short distance?  Book your BearWalk escort online or call (510) 642-9255, no earlier than 15min before your pick-up time.  Last call is 2:30 am.

BusNight safety shuttle 

7:30pm – 3:00am

Find your Shuttles below (also available on the Berkeley App:

Northside - Not in Service (Moovit, NextBus)

Southside - In Service (Moovit, NextBus)

To see the next pick-up time just hover over your closest bus stop. 

PhoneDoor-to-door service

3:00am – 6:00am

View a map of our service area.  Book your pick up online or call (510) 642 9255 no earlier than 15 minutes before your pick up time

UC Berkeley night safety services are a joint initiative between Parking and Transportation and UCPD.


What Night Safety services does Berkeley offer?

UC Berkeley offers comprehensive free night safety services made up of BearWalk escort, night shuttle buses, and a door-to-door service. The time of day determines what services are available.

BearWalks are available from dusk to 3:00am (last call at 2:30am), night shuttles run on routes from 7:30pm to 3:00am and the door-to-door service is available from 3:00am until 5:30am.

Classes, study, research, meetings, films or concerts can keep you on campus late at night.


About Dusk

Dusk is the darkest stage of twilight in the evening. That is when BearWALK will begin its service, though the clock time for this border between day and night will change, depending on the time of year.