BearWalk Escort (Dusk - 3:00am)

Oski bearBearWalk is largely a student-run operation, but it is part of the University Police (UCPD). Dispatchers working behind the scenes and the walkers who show up to get you there are Community Service Officers, known as CSOs. They use RideCell software to dispatch requests and determine the estimated arrival time of your BearWalk escort with wait times generally less than 15 minutes.

How to request a Walk:

To book a free walking escort call (510) 642-9255 (642-WALK) or visit Please call or make your online request no earlier than 15 minutes before your desired pick up time. The last call for a walking escort is accepted at 2:30am. 

UCPD's Community Service Officers (CSOs) provide you with a walking escort from dusk until last pick up at 3:00am, 365 nights a year.

BearWalk CSO's will meet you at and walk you to locations within these service boundaries:

  • North: Cedar
  • West: Milvia
  • South: Derby
  • East: Prospect

BearWalk FAQs

Can I call in advance?

No. Reservations in advance of 15 minutes aren’t accepted as the BearWalk CSO cannot wait longer than 5 minutes for you to meet them when they have arrived. We will dispatch a BearWalk CSO when we receive your call.

Note: BearWALK dispatches your walk as soon as possible and aims to meet you within 15 minutes, but during peak hours (typically between 11pm and 1 am), there can be some service delays.

How will I know BearWalk is here?

The dispatch system will call you twice. Once to tell you your walker has been dispatched and remind you to be ready, and then again to tell your BearWalk escort has arrived. Be sure to answer both calls, and to stay on the line to hear exactly where they are waiting for you. We don’t want you fail to meet your walker within your 5-minute wait limit simply because you don't know where they are, as your request will be marked as a "No Show" and be deleted!

Remember: Always wait in a safe place for your BearWalk CSO.  

How can I identify a BearWalk CSO?

CSOs will have a UCPD-issued identification card showing their full name and their badge number. When working as BearWalkers, they always wear yellow/gold shirts and blue or yellow jackets that have "CSO" on the back, the CSO Seal on the left breast, and sometimes a UC Police Department patch on the upper arm.

Remember: If you are offered an escort by someone not matching this description, contact UCPD immediately at 510-642-6760.

How can I give you feedback about BearWalk?

We are continuously looking for ways to improve BearWalk.  If you have any concerns, you can contact UCPD any time at the non-emergency number 510-642-6760 or email