SafeWalk Escort (Dusk - 2:30am)

SafeWalk is largely a student-run operation, organized by Community Service Officers (CSO's) through UCPD.  Our CSO's undergo a thorough training process so as to provide safety and police contact on and off campus.

CSO Dispatchers work behind the scenes  to answer calls and requests, and coordinate for a CSO to arrive to your pick-up location and escort you to your end location.  SafeWalk Requests are received and dispatch via RideCell, and you will be able to receive updates through text on when your SafeWalk has arrived to your location. 

How to request a Walk:

To book a free walking escort call, (510) 642-9255 (642-WALK) or visit is external). Please call or make your online request no earlier than 15-20 minutes before your desired pick up time. The last call for a walking escort is accepted at 2:30am. Certain nights throughout the week are busier than other and may result in a long queue of Bearwalk requests.

UCPD's Community Service Officers(link is external) (CSOs) provide this walking escort from dusk until last pick up at 2:30am, 365 nights a year.

For safety and physical limitations, SafeWalk CSO's will meet you at and walk you to locations within these: Service Boundaries(link is external). Requests outside of these boundaries will not be approved by the CSO Dispatcher.

  • Northside: Cedar Street
  • West/Downtown Berkeley: Milvia Street
  • Southside: Derby St
  • East/Berkeley Hills: Prospect St

Operating Times

During the Fall/Winter time, the earliest request can be made at 6:00pm.

During Spring/Summer, the earliest pick up time will change to 7:00pm.

Last call/request for anytime in the year is 2:30am. Any requests or calls following 2:30am will be transferred over to the Door-to-Door Service.